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Do you think you have what it takes? Are you Motivated? Are you Dedicated? Are you a female over 18?


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Want to learn more about the Nite Hawks and what its like to play football?? Attend our Nite Hawk recruitment camp! $30 gets you a Nite Hawks T-Shirt and 3 hours of instruction with Nite Hawk Coach’s and Players.

If you attend our recruitment camp, your TRY-OUT fee will be waived!

Q: Do I have to be in shape?
A: No, absolutely not. We will take it slow, if somethings too difficult, don’t do it. Football requires all body types. If you end up on the line, we need you be able to run 30 yards, not a mile.

Q: Will there be tackling?
A: There will be NO tackling at recruitment camp. No pads are required.

Q: What do I wear/bring?
A: Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes and tennis shoes, turf shoes or non-metal cleats. If you have football or softball batting gloves, bring them. If not, its ok. Bring a bottle of water if you prefer your own vs sharing. Water will be provided.

Q:Who can attend?
A: Any female over the age of 18, or any female who will be 18 by April 1st, 2020.

Q: I’m going to play college sports, can I attend?
A: Yes, you can attend, however, you probably won’t be eligible to play with the Nite Hawks. You will lose your NCAA eligibility if you play at a professional level, even if its a different sport than what you will play in college.

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